I have a passion for fashion
and an all time love for All Time Low


Detail of Christian Dior Haute Couture gowns as they wait to be transported to Shanghai for the ‘Esprit Dior’ exhibit. The display features over 100 archive pieces and recounts the history and love affair between the Parisian power house and Haute Couture, an alliance which seamlessly changed the course of fashion forever.

(via thecoveteur)


You make me think of a breezy summer day out on the beach sitting on shimmery white sand overlooking sparkly shores

Why hasn’t any of your sweet acts make some sort of sense to me

I can’t even begin do describe how much I want to stomp on her face

I know for a fact that I tend to be a people pleaser. I pretend that I am alright with everything that is happening even if they do not please me. I believe that this is one of the things that hinders me from getting what I truly want. I put people’s best interest above mine because the last thing I wanna do is make them feel disappointed. I want to make everything pleasant for them.
Despite all the kind acts I put so much effort in doing, the things I do for them they’d never do for me.

Often times, I think too much. My thoughts dwell on something that does not even matter.
And I hate when this happens because I feel miserable. In the guts. And I thought not to think about it but the thought keeps haunting me.

All I need is time. I think I’ve done enough time. How much more time do I need?


Too much

Too much